Eighth edition


September 9-18, 2022

under the moral patronage
of the Italian Ministry of Culture

be the change that you wish to see


In a world that seems more and more attracted to appearances, an event able to transmit messages that can help the public to see beyond was needed.

In the same world, in which small and big conflicts fill the chronicles of every day, it was necessary to let people know that there is a way to let different cultures peacefully coexist sharing the same goals.

MISS PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL – Women for Progress was conceived by the cultural association In Progress for this purpose and, over the years, has been appreciated by the most important national institutions (among them the President of the Italian Republic, the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Italian Ministry of Tourism and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) who recognized its great social value and important humanitarian goals.

The Ambassadors of Progress, coming from every corner of the planet, live side by side a real multisensory experience that brings them to know closely the history, the traditions and the natural and artistic beauties of the land that hosts them, sharing their feelings and experiencing the same emotions.

The projects, written by each participant and dedicated to Environment, Health and Human Rights, highlight dramatic situations often completely unknown and it is up to the jury to determine the most feasible, rewarding it with support for its realization.

This is our way to concretely help the world become a better place.

If you like it, join us! 😊

Miss Progress
International 2022



About us

After a significant work experience characterized by a collaboration in the production of high standard events, we decided to combine our knowledge, driven by a common desire to give our best to promote the traditions, the history, the natural beauty and the artistic talents of Italy.
Thus, the Cultural Association “In Progress” was born.

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Discovering Otranto

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