Fourth day: the meeting with the jury

All the projects have been analyzed. A hard job for the jury members, who also evaluated the traditional costumes.

MARUGGIO – The pleasant and warm sun of the Salento has accompanied one of the most important moments of Miss Progress International: the interviews with the jury that evaluated, one by one, the projects dedicated to Environment, Health and Human Rights and the national costumes.

Also this year the prize for Cultural Integration will be awarded by the same competitors in the coming days, when they will be called to vote which, in their eyes, was better integrated with the others.

the jury at work

The jury, chaired by Giusy Nobile and Giuseppe Borrillo, respectively president and director of the competition, was also composed by the logistics manager Alessio Di Fonzo, the journalist Vincenzo Ludovico and Anna De Donatis, representatives of the association Terra Nostra of Fragagnano.

After dinner the first rehearsal session with the choreographer Amadia Sansonetti and a fun pyjama party.

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The online voting for Miss Progress internet 2017 has started

Once a day everybody can vote, for free.

The “start” button was pressed.
Giusy Noble, president of the cultural association In Progress, gave the start signal to the online voting that will end at noon on October 20th, just a few hours before the final show of the fifth edition of Miss Progress International.

The contestants have sent their photos and are now hunting for votes, exploiting the social medias, for the title to be assigned to the most voted on the web.
The access to the voting platform is here (faster for all the Facebook users) and it is free for those who want to express just one preference a day.
On it stands the logo of #WeAreInPuglia, which the event intends to promote all over the world in co-branding with Viaggiareinpuglia.

As always, this vote will not in any way affect the jury’s opinion that will examine the projects on October 16th at the Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri.

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Miss Progress International 2017: we are in Puglia! (ENG)

From 13 to 22 October, the Ambassadors of Progress will explore the lands of Taranto and Bari. Among the novelties, the co-branding project with #WeAreInPuglia and a special prize to promote tourism in the region.

TARANTO – Also for the fifth edition of Miss Progress International-Women for Progress, organized by the Cultural Association In Progress, it will be the Puglia region to welcome the multiethnic group that on October 13 will land at the airport of Brindisi.
The elegant Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri in Campomarino di Maruggio will become the logistical base from which the excursions to discover the Apulian treasures will begin.

the Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri of Maruggio

The main new of this year is the co-branding project with Viaggiareinpuglia that will bring the brand #WeAreInPuglia far beyond the national boundaries.
Among the contestants, who will bring their projects dedicated to the environment, health, human rights and cultural integration, there are representatives of all five continents, and each of them will describe their experience among the monuments, the olive trees and the sea of ​​the Heel of Italy with her personal video postcard.
“And this is the other great new – says enthusiast Giusy Nobile, president of the Apulian non profit association – every contestant will tell our cameras her trip to Puglia and the one who will receive the most views during the following months will be our guest at the next edition of Miss Progress International as the Ambassador of tourism in Puglia.”.

Also this year’s final show will be broadcast live on the web on Friday, October 20, starting from 9 p.m.. It will be presented in Italian and English and will begin with the contestants in their national costumes, in an ideal hugging to the world from the stage of the town theater of Carosino.

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Miss Progress International 2016, it’s always Puglia!

From Cape of Leuca to the trullos of Alberobello, through the fantastic beaches of the Gulf of Taranto, the program of the fourth edition of Miss Progress International will make Puglia protagonist. as well as the Ambassadors of Progress.

TARANTO – Ten intense days, lived with joy and peaceful coexistence, in the marvellous region of Puglia. This is the most common comment to the three previous editions of Miss Progress International-Women for Progress.

It has been pronounced, in many different languages, by the Ambassadors of Progress who attend the world finals of the event, owned and managed by the cultural association In Progress of Carosino, discovering the “heel of Italy”.

The 2016 edition of the contest dedicated to the environment, health, human rights and cultural integration will begin on September 23rd, when the delegates and the journalists travelling with them will land at Brindisi and will be accompanied to the Messapia Hotel at Marina of Leuca.

the Messapia Hotel at Leuca

the Messapia Hotel at Leuca

With the “farewell to summer” party on Saturday and the cruise of the two seas, the group will a first taste of the area defined by the National Geographic as “the most beautiful region of the world”.

On the following monday they will move to the Nicotel Pineto in Castellaneta Marina, which will become the headquarter for the trips to Alberobello and Taranto and many other places that the organization included in the program.

the Nicotel Pineto at Castellaneta Marina

the Nicotel Pineto at Castellaneta Marina

On September 30th, thanks to the worldwide streaming via the web, the whole world will watch the final show and know the name of the Ambassador of Progress who will succeed the Paraguayan Liz Arévalos, current titleholder.

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Presented to the press the Ambassadors of Progress

Press release # 7

The press conference of presentation of the contestants of Miss Progress International 2015 took place at Lecce’s Province palace. The day continued with the city tour and the cycle ride at Otranto.

LEUCA – Adorno Palace, venue of the Province of Lecce, hosted the press conference of presentation of the contestants participating in the third edition of Miss Progress International, the original event conceived and organized by the Associazione Culturale In Progress.

During the press conference

During the press conference

Professor Del Vino, chief of staff to President Gabellone brought the greetings of the province of Salento to the five continents represented by the Ambassadors of Progress.

Lecce 1 Lecce 2
The capital of the Baroque has charmed everyone and, after the first rehearsals with the choreographer Lino Perrone, the day continued with a visit to Otranto, where the mayor Cariddi has welcomed them. Much appreciated the monuments that have allowed to retrace centuries of history and also the cycle ride along the waterfront, thanks to the collaboration of Astrolabio Slow Tour that wanted to support the day, dedicated to the environment, by providing bicycles for everyone.

L'inizio della ciclopasseggiata

The start of the bicycle ride

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