Stop in Taranto for the group of Miss Progress

Miss Progress International 2015
Press release # 10

The welcome of the authorities at the Palazzo Pantaleo, the Majorano Museum, the Dome and the Aragonese Castle before lunch and the “Made in Italy” shopping time.

LEUCA – It was a long excursion, today’s one, which led the Ambassadors of Progress to visit Taranto.  At Pantaleo Palace the journalists and the Department of Culture, represented by Assessor Vincenza Vozza, welcomed the group of Miss Progress International and accompanied him on a visit the Museum Majorano.

Pantaleo Palace

Pantaleo Palace

A walk through the alleys of the old town, stopping in the beautiful Cathedral of San Cataldo and the visit of the Aragonese Castle marked the day dedicated to human rights.

Walking in Taranto

Walking in Taranto

At the “Mongolfiera” mall was then served a rich a buffet, offered by Mr. Tangredi at central square, which was followed by the desierd shopping of “made in Italy” products. It was a great success thanks to the special discounts that some of the exhibitors have reserved to all the group members.

IMG_3172 shopping

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