2016 edition

Informing students about devious methods used by those who commit sexual abuse of minors, through the autobiographical testimonies of the victims. In two words: “Stop loverboys”. This is the name of the project on human rights that allowed the 18 year-old representative of the Benelux, Natascha Fischer, of Almere, the Netherlands, to win the title of Miss Progress International 2016, in addition to the one of Miss Progress Human Rights.

2017 edition

Lights off and smiling faces. This does not always happen at the end of a healthy competition. All the Ambassadors of Progress from the five continents, fully understood their role and unanimously agreed with the jury’s opinion that awarded Mary Grace Jedaver Pancho Opingo, Philipino of North Cotabato, with the title of the best project on human rights and as absolute overall winner of Miss Progress International 2017.