After a deep analysis of the extensive list of events dedicated to beauty, we observed that none of them, besides having the usual characteristics of a "light" event suitable for audiences of all ages, as a beauty contest can be considered , was enriched with social contents and, above all, had an international relevance.

It was therefore decided to realize a format in which women around the world could be given the role of Ambassador of Progress in full compliance eith each one’s culture, traditions and religion.

MISS PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL - Women for Progress is thus the evolution of the classic beauty contest in which is the only appearance of a girl that is awarded.
The same name of the event refers to the concept of progress which must be rooted to values which are important and essential and, for this reason, each contestant is required to develop a description of her ideas and projects, with reference to one the four fields listed below:

- Integration of cultures
- Environment
- Health
- Human Rights

Each project is evaluated in its feasibility and contents by a jury who chooses, for each of the previously listed fields a winner idea; the project’s author is the awarded and her idea is brought to the attention of the world.
During the world final, many public appointments and guided tours among the most distinctive locations are organised in the hosting area.
MISS PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL has the aim of spreading important social contents in a "light" form, which is ultimate for catching the attention of the entire planet. Women from all over the world are put under the spotlight at last, extolling much more than their mere outward apperance.

The first four editions of the competition were held in Italy, the land which is universally recognized as the cradle of civilization and the unique casket of architectural beauty; however, since the format is easily adaptable also to aims and missions of foreign institutions and private companies that wish to promote themselves in an original and effective way, The Organizing Committee will consider applications from other countries wishing to host the event whose slogan is BEAUTIES WITH A GOAL.

After Grottaglie’s alleys and pottery, the dinner for Unicef 

Miss Progress International 2017: the title goes to the Filipino Jedaver Pancho Opingo

First rehearsals in the theater. At dinner, the exchange of gifts with the national directors

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