After Grottaglie’s alleys and pottery, the dinner for Unicef 

A walk in the historic center of Grottaglie, the experience as ceramic artisans and then the gala dinner at Tenuta Montefusco with the auction for the children of Unicef. 

TARANTO – With a long and well deserved post-show sleep the Ambassadors of the Progress have recovered the energies to spend during their last day in Puglia.
After lunch everybody moved to Grottaglie, among the workshops of the ceramic masters where they all test themselves as craftswomen.

the dishes handpainted by the Ambassadors of Progress

At the sunset the group walked between Casa Vestita and the church of S. Francesco de Geronimo, led by Maria De Marco (Grott’Art association), and then moved toward the beautiful Tenuta Montefusco.

the gala dinner (photo S. Centonze)

The gala dinner, accompanied by the wines of the Soloperto cellars, was enriched by the auction of the beautiful souvenirs brought by the contestants and the receipts were donated to Unicef.

Constanza, Miss Progress Elegance 2017 (photo S. Centonze)

During the evening, the award as Miss Progress Elegance 2017 was assigned to Constanza, the Brazilian delegate.Grand finale with the cut of the Miss Progress International 2017 cake and the surprise performance by Massimo Cerbera and Margherita Iacovazzo in a sensual Argentine tango.

cutting the cake (photo S. Centonze)

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Miss Progress International 2017: the title goes to the Filipino Jedaver Pancho Opingo

The municipal theater of Carosino hosted the fifth final of the event dedicated to Environment, Health, Human Rights and Cultural Integration.

 CAROSINO – Lights off and smiling faces. This does not always happen at the end of a healthy competition. All the Ambassadors of Progress from the five continents, fully understood their role and unanimously agreed with the jury’s opinion that awarded Mary Grace Jedaver Pancho Opingo, Philipino of North Cotabato, with the title of the best project on human rights and as absolute overall winner of Miss Progress International 2017.

Jedaver, Miss Progress International 2017, between Giusy Nobile, president, and Giuseppe Borrillo, pageant director

Jedaver won thanks to her project titled “Love IPs” (love indigenous people) and dedicated to the Rif Mountain tribes who, unfortunately, live isolated and are discriminated because of their ethnicity. With the award received by the cultural association In Progress, the organizer of the event, she will continue the tour already started in those areas bringing moral support, contributing to literacy and also providing them with necessary goods.

“I am grateful to the organizers who had invited me in 2015 and 2016 when I could not attend because the Italian embassy in Manila did not give me the visa. In the meantime, I have given birth to my ‘Caravan for Progress’ tour that I can continue to fund with the prize and also thanks to the great popularity I seem to have acquired with the conquest of this prestigious title.”.

In support of these statements, Giusy Nobile and Giuseppe Borrillo, founders of the nonprofit association based in Carosino, cite the thousands of direct web visualizations received from the Philippines, as well as numerous articles published on the event in a few hours.

“I spent ten wonderful days – says Jedaver – Puglia has turned out to be a real treasure chest, which deserves even greater visibility. National Geographic is right to define it as the most beautiful region in the world!”.

The same enthusiasm about the hospitality received is also common among the other contestants, even those who didn’t win any of the other titles:

Naomi Train (United Kingdom): Miss Progress Internet (4.465 votes)
Daria Feshchenkova (Ukraine): Miss Progress Cutural Integration
Ianaiara Gonzalez Nieradka (Paraguay): best traditional costume
Claudia Baroni (Italy) Miss Progress Environment
Natalia Guerrero (Peru): Miss Progress Health

from left: Ianaiara, Natalia, Giuseppe Borrillo, Jedaver, Giusy Nobile, Claudia, Daria and Naomi

The show, which began at 21 o’clock, was brilliantly led by Marco Vernile, the well-known Italian actor of “Honor and respect”, and Rebecca Ajala, the model who dealt with simultaneous translation for the viewers who followed the live feed from all over the world and has hosted the performance of Spaghetti Brothers and the Filodrammatica Maruggese Company.

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First rehearsals in the theater. At dinner, the exchange of gifts with the national directors

The morning was spent in the theater for the first choreographies. At dinner, the organizers gave the traditional gift to each of the national directors. 

MARUGGIO – The first practice sessions took place under the spotlights of the municipal theater of Carosino. The contestants, wisely (and patiently) guided by the choreographer Amadia Sansonetti and stage director Tonio Santoro, have started to become confident with the positions, the scene’s accesses and the distance to be covered during the upcoming imminent final show.

The rehearsals ended on the early afternoon, so that when they returned to the Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri, the “headquarters” of Miss Progress International 2017, Antonio Zanata and Massimo Cerbera could continue with their photographic and video works.

At dinner, as a consolidated tradition, Giusy Nobile and Giuseppe Borrillo have given each of the national directors a reminder of their participation in this fifth edition of the event, receiving the homage they have brought for them.

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The press conference in Bari and the lunch overlooking the roofs of Manduria

The contestants of Miss Progress International 2017 were presented to the media in the Palace of the Puglia Regional Council. In the afternoon, lunch at Corte Borromeo Hotel in the city of Primitivo wine and visit to the wine museum.

BARI – In Puglia, during these days, everybody talks about nothing else than Miss Progress International’s candidates.
They have captured the attention of the public thanks to their social projects and the numerous journalists attending the press conference held in the Palace of the regional council, Sala Finocchiaro, where today the Region Puglia has welcomed them, gave to the event and to the brand #WeAreInPuglia the deserved visibility.

the press conference (among the contestants, the regional counselor Luigi Morgante)

Luigi Morgante, Counselor Secretary for the regional Parliament, reiterated the importance of the event, exalting its originality and goals who have a great impact on the public opinion.
In addition to Giuseppe Borrillo, director of the competition that summarized the program of the event, Giuseppe Moro, representing Pugliapromozione, took the word and highlighted the potential in terms of promoting the Puglia brand in the world.

the gift to the Corte Borromeo hotel

For lunch, it was chosen the terrace of the sixteenth-century palace of Corte Borromeo Hotel, overlooking the roofs of the historic center of Manduria where the group then faced, discovering the wonders.

the team toasting among the roofs of Manduria

The Museum of Primitivo wine, always in the Messapic City, was the last date of the day.

at the Primitivo wine museum

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Other pieces of history, the trullos of Alerobello and the ancient jobs in bycicle

Also this year Alberobello enchanted with its beauty, as well as the bycicles of the museum of old crafts.

MARUGGIO – Today it has been a long day, started with a visit to the trullos of Alberobello. For some of the contestants it seemed to be an impossible name to pronounce but, after being charmed by the cone roofs and the coloured alleys, they will not forget it anymore. For Giusy and Giuseppe’s team, it was also difficult to observe the scheduled program because the “hunt to souvenirs” was almost uncontrollable.

at Alberobello, UNNESCO world heritage

Lunch was served by the Victoria Bakery’s team, inaugurated by Denis and Annalisa just five months ago. At the buffet with local specialties a succulent cheese cake was added and disappeared in less than a minute.

with Annalisa and Denis, owners of Victoria Bakery

Half an hour later, the group arrived at the Museum of the old crafts in bycicle of San Giorgio Ionico where the mayor, Mino Fabbiano, the Culture advisor, Luciano Cinieri, and Pasquale Tripiedi, whose passion brought to the incredible collection of memoirs of the last century, welcomed the Ambassadors of Progress.

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Fourth day: the meeting with the jury

All the projects have been analyzed. A hard job for the jury members, who also evaluated the traditional costumes.

MARUGGIO – The pleasant and warm sun of the Salento has accompanied one of the most important moments of Miss Progress International: the interviews with the jury that evaluated, one by one, the projects dedicated to Environment, Health and Human Rights and the national costumes.

Also this year the prize for Cultural Integration will be awarded by the same competitors in the coming days, when they will be called to vote which, in their eyes, was better integrated with the others.

the jury at work

The jury, chaired by Giusy Nobile and Giuseppe Borrillo, respectively president and director of the competition, was also composed by the logistics manager Alessio Di Fonzo, the journalist Vincenzo Ludovico and Anna De Donatis, representatives of the association Terra Nostra of Fragagnano.

After dinner the first rehearsal session with the choreographer Amadia Sansonetti and a fun pyjama party.

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Magics from Puglia: Avetrana between ancient olive trees, monuments and a jump in the past.

Biking among the expanses of olive trees with the tribute to the “Baron”, the inauguration of the first day dedicated to the extra virgin olive oil organized by the Pro-loco of Avetrana. Grand final with the parade in historic costumes.

AVETRANA – The day dedicated to Avetrana, the easternmost town in the province of Taranto, was memorable.

ladies, onboard!

The local tourism promotion board “Pro-loco” organized a day dedicated to extra-virgin olive oil that began with a ride onboard old chariots and continued with the tasting of local products in the stands set up inside the 14th Century “Torrione” which was also the theater of the emotional ceremony with which the children of the “Giovanni XXIII” school welcomed the Ambassadors of the Progress by handing them an olive twig, as a universal symbol of peace, on the notes of “We are the world” and the Italian national anthem.

riding the bikes in the Avetrana’s countryside

A healthy bycicle ride through the countryside and a photo of the “Baron”, a millennial olive tree in the Fellicchie estate, before overlooking the sea at ​​Torre Columena, served to burn a bit of the calories earned during the lunch at Marina Piccola.

the “Barón”, an ultra-millenary olive tree

At night thousands of people followed the historic parade in which the contestants participated wearing the medieval clothes provided by the “Terra Nostra” of Fragagnano and “Emmaus” of Maruggio associations, preceded by hundreds of figurants and the flag wavers of Oria, and escorted by archers, drummers and trumpets.

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Day two: first interviews, photo shootings and visit of Taranto.

The scheduled activities started. The first contestants posed for Antonio Zanata and Illusia Filmworks. Sunset at Taranto and welcome party at Campomarino.

MARUGGIO – Antonio Zanata, now a former photographer of Miss Progress International, set up his set in the luminous Porticato hall of the Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri. Daria (Ukraine), Melanie (Benelux), Cherylva (Suriname), Stacey (Belgium) and Claudia (Italy) were the first to pose for him.

The fantastic sunshine helped Massimo Cerbera to give the “action” signal for the first video clips that Illusia Filmworks will produce to promote the brand #WeAreInpuglia worldwide.

In the afternoon the group moved to Taranto for the traditional visit to the scenic Aragonese Castle and the promenade in the streets of the old town and to the cathedral of San Cataldo.

The boats of via Garibaldi and the swinging bridge led it to Bernardi Bistrot, welcomed by Mimmo and his staff who offered some of the many delights of the popular pastry shop before the “sunset shots time” in the city of the two seas.

Panna e Cioccolato disco-bar at Campomarino, later in the evening, then hosted the welcome party for the Ambassadors of Progress.

dancing at “Panna e cioccolato” of Campomarino

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The Ambassadors of Progress 2017 are in Puglia

The participants at the fifth edition of Miss Progress International arrived at the Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri. Everything is set to start discovering the most beautiful region in the world.

MARUGGIO – There are several flight connections to Brindisi from Rome and Milan, the Italian international hubs, and then it took the whole day to welcome all the guests of Miss Progress International 2017.

Giuseppe Borrillo and Giusy Nobile at the entrance of Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri

The Astrolabio Slow Tour’s and All Cars’ shuttle services brought safe the contestants and their companions at the Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri of Maruggio.

The first arrivals at Brindisi’s airport.

Some of them arrived earlier than others and they had the chance to enjoy some relax and the delightful meals offered by the hotel’s kitchen. Others have preferred to have some rest sleeping after very long and tiring trips.

Hotel check-in.

Giusy Nobile, president of the cultural association In Progress, and Giuseppe Borrillo, director of the competition, welcomed all of them telling about the itinerary of the upcoming days.

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The online voting for Miss Progress internet 2017 has started

Once a day everybody can vote, for free.

The “start” button was pressed.
Giusy Noble, president of the cultural association In Progress, gave the start signal to the online voting that will end at noon on October 20th, just a few hours before the final show of the fifth edition of Miss Progress International.

The contestants have sent their photos and are now hunting for votes, exploiting the social medias, for the title to be assigned to the most voted on the web.
The access to the voting platform is here (faster for all the Facebook users) and it is free for those who want to express just one preference a day.
On it stands the logo of #WeAreInPuglia, which the event intends to promote all over the world in co-branding with Viaggiareinpuglia.

As always, this vote will not in any way affect the jury’s opinion that will examine the projects on October 16th at the Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri.

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Miss Progress International 2017: we are in Puglia! (ENG)

From 13 to 22 October, the Ambassadors of Progress will explore the lands of Taranto and Bari. Among the novelties, the co-branding project with #WeAreInPuglia and a special prize to promote tourism in the region.

TARANTO – Also for the fifth edition of Miss Progress International-Women for Progress, organized by the Cultural Association In Progress, it will be the Puglia region to welcome the multiethnic group that on October 13 will land at the airport of Brindisi.
The elegant Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri in Campomarino di Maruggio will become the logistical base from which the excursions to discover the Apulian treasures will begin.

the Grand Hotel dei Cavalieri of Maruggio

The main new of this year is the co-branding project with Viaggiareinpuglia that will bring the brand #WeAreInPuglia far beyond the national boundaries.
Among the contestants, who will bring their projects dedicated to the environment, health, human rights and cultural integration, there are representatives of all five continents, and each of them will describe their experience among the monuments, the olive trees and the sea of ​​the Heel of Italy with her personal video postcard.
“And this is the other great new – says enthusiast Giusy Nobile, president of the Apulian non profit association – every contestant will tell our cameras her trip to Puglia and the one who will receive the most views during the following months will be our guest at the next edition of Miss Progress International as the Ambassador of tourism in Puglia.”.

Also this year’s final show will be broadcast live on the web on Friday, October 20, starting from 9 p.m.. It will be presented in Italian and English and will begin with the contestants in their national costumes, in an ideal hugging to the world from the stage of the town theater of Carosino.

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The gala dinner and auction for the earthquake victims in central Italy

After the visit of Grottaglie in the afternoon, at the wonderful Tenuta Montefusco it was held the gala dinner which allowed to collect, with the auction sale of the souvenirs brought by the contestants, 560 euros for the earthquake victims of Amatrice.

TARANTO – The last stage of the discovery of Apulia was Grottaglie. With the support of Grott’Art, the multi-ethnic group has known alleys, legends and art of the city of ceramics, closely followed by Made in Taranto.
Under the careful guidance of the master Mimmo, the beautiful Rafaela Torres, Brazilian, has also successfully ventured in the realization of a jar, in the ancient Bottega Vestita.

No “long faces”, just smiles, after the competition. The relaxed faces of contestants and companions have lightened a fantastic evening that seemed to give to the international guests and the other diners, a “summer supplement”.


Giuseppe Borrillo and Giusy Nobile giving una plate to Gianfranco Paciolla, owner of Tenuta Montefusco

Giuseppe Borrillo and Giusy Nobile giving a plate to Gianfranco Paciolla, owner of Tenuta Montefusco

The Tenuta Montefusco has offered the best of traditional cuisine to the people invited by the cultural association In Progress, Rossella Fanigliulo and association “doctors for San Ciro”, the recipient of the 560 euro raised through the auction of the objects brought by the Ambassadors of Progress.

Among the others Natascha Fischer, Miss Progress International 2016 and Liz Arévalos (winner of the last edition) distinguished themselves in a particular way.
Between the courses the auctioneer, Giuseppe Borrillo urged, successfully, to win one or more of souvenirs.

the team of Miss Progress International: from left Antonio, Giuseppe, Arlette, Giusy, Fiora and Alessio

the team of Miss Progress International: from left Antonio, Giuseppe, Arlette, Giusy, Fiora and Alessio

The elegant musical accompaniment of the guitar duo of Fabio Petruzzi and Peppe Chiaradia was then completed by the performance of the phenomenal Gianmarco, 8 years old, who has stunned the audience with a masterful performance at the piano, as well as the Israeli Schmuel Ben Haim, a songwriter who played guitar and sang one of his songs.

There could be no better way to end the fourth edition of the pageant: ten intense days lived in friendship and peaceful coexistence between peoples, the essence of Miss Progress International.


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The Dutch Natascha Fischer is Miss Progress International 2016

The fourth world finals of the contest organized by Giusy Nobile and Giuseppe Borrillo held in Francavilla Fontana. Natasha won thanks to her project for students to prevent sexual abuse of minors in the Benelux.


FRANCAVILLA FONTANA – Informing students about devious methods used by those who commit sexual abuse of minors, through the autobiographical testimonies of the victims. In two words: “Stop loverboys”. This is the name of the project on human rights that allowed the 18 year-old representative of the Benelux, Natascha Fischer, of Almere, the Netherlands, to win the title of Miss Progress International 2016, in addition to the one of Miss Progress Human Rights.

The new queen of progress was elected at “Teatro Italia” of Francavilla Fontana, in the event presented by the top model Giada Pezzaioli and the Italian-Korean actor Yoon C. Joyce, organized for the fourth year by cultural association In Progress chaired by Giusy Nobile and directed by Giuseppe Borrillo.

“I read books written by under-age victims of sexual abuse and thought – says Natascha – it would be interesting to carry out a project intended to raise awareness of all students of the 2,352 high schools in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg about the premeditation of these abuses, even perpetrated in my school.”.
When asked what she most liked of Italy, Natascha’s replied, showing off a bright smile, without hesitation: “The pasta! But tomorrow I go back to eating potatoes, which are almost ubiquitous in our dishes.”.
Another person very satisfied for the success of Natascha is her national director, Nanny Verwey-Nielen, guest as many others pageant organizers, who enjoyed the tour around Puglia, discovering the cultural and natural beauties of the region.

The final show was also enriched by the presence of Liz Arévalos, who won the 2015’s edition and realized her project, the illusionist Dodo and the Ohm. The coreographies were Matteo Giua’s and Rosaria Aprile’s.
A two-hour show, broadcasted live on TV and the web by channel 85, during which the attention was focused on the projects presented by twenty contestants from all over the planet, who also delighted the audience by showing off their distinctive national dress: a festival of colors,, history, traditions and cultures. The other titles were assigned to the British Bethany Cammack, Miss Progress Health; Marianella Chavez Serrano (from Coco Island), Miss Progress Environment; Yameesha Rasadi (Sri Lanka) Miss Progress Cultural Integration and Carmelle Martinez (Canada), the most voted on the Internet.
The Brazilian Rafaela Torres has been awarded for the most beautiful national costume.

Da sinistra: Yameesha, Marianella, Bethany, Natascha

From left, the “top 4”, one for each theme: Yameesha, Marianella, Bethany, Natascha

The maestro Antonio Zanata created a photo-reportage titles “Profiles of the world” in which all the twenty Ambassadors of Progress were immortalized in profile with their national costumes, recalling the image of the logo of the contest, in which a woman seems to hold up the world.

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Three castles: from Francavilla to Taranto, passing through Carosino

The meeting at the city hall with the mayor of Francavilla Fontana, the lunch in the courtyard of Carosino’s castle and the visit at the Aragonese castle of Taranto.

TARANTO – Imperiali, D’Ayala-Valva and Aragonese. Three dynasties (although history tells more) for the three castles that have been today’s protagonists with the Ambassadors of Progress.

In Francavilla Fontana they met the mayor and president of the province of Brindisi, Maurizio Bruno, taking countless photos along the scenic stairs. The meeting was also attended by Yoon C. Joyce, that tomorrow night will present the world final’s show together with Giada Pezzaioli.
Lunch was eaten in the courtyard of the castle of Carosino: panzerotti, pizzas and good wine have satisfied all the participants.
The day ended in Taranto with the visit of the Aragonese Castle and a walk through the streets of the old town.

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Alberobello, Martina Franca and a… “divine pizza”

The mayor Longo welcomed the competitors in the council chamber of the “town of trulli”. In the capital of Valle d’Itria a lunch with pizza, very appreciated and literally devoured by all.

MARTINA FRANCA – And also today the contestants of Miss Progress International 2016 have not gone unnoticed. In their gaudy uniforms, the crowd of Alberobello’s patronal feast has often called them for a photo.

The mayor, Michele Longo, then welcomed them in the council chamber, in the presence of the cameras of Canale 85.

The walk among the trulli and the “obvious” shopping of souvenirs preceded the lunch of … “Divine Pizza“, which is not only the name of the restaurant run by the pretty Albanian couple of  Arjan and Lady, but also the comments of all after eating the local food.

Before returning to the hotel, a walk through the narrow streets of Martina Franca, the capital of Itria Valley.


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In Matera, among the Sassi and movie sets

The Ambassadors of Progress in the European Capital of Culture 2019: the views from the belvedere and the long walk on paved roads, ended just in front of the set of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”.

MATERA – The announcement made at the microphone on the bus that carried the competitors of Miss Progress International 2016 in Matera has not been enough to describe the beauty of the show that they and their companions were about to watch.
The group was accompanied just a few steps away from Piazza Vittorio Veneto, whose “underground” immediately triggered selfies and poses smiling for one of the most scenic attractions of the Lucanian city, UNESCO world heritage.

The path has been articulated through the church of Saint John Baptist, the lookout and the panoramic view on the canyon, San Pietro Caveoso square and included a visit to Casa Grotta, before ending with a tasty cocktail at Basiliani Hotel, right across from the movie set that Mel Gibson chose for “The Passion”.

The interviews conducted by the team of Channel 85, which follows the event every day, have had an incomparable landscape as background, which distinguishes the European Capital of Culture of 2019.

Giusy Nobile, presidentt, e Antonio Zanata, official photographer

Giusy Nobile, presidentt, e Antonio Zanata, official photographer

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The interviews with the Jury

So much emotion for contestants who, in national costume, were interviewed by the jury.

CASTELLANETA MARINA – The large meeting room of Nicotel Pineto welcomed the teams of Infinity and CEAS who have set up stations to make up and styling the contestants.

img_5441 img_5442
One by one they have been interviewed by the jury that could deepen the knowledge of the projects on Environment, Health and Human Rights.
Also this year the award for Cultural Integration will be assigned by the same competitors that in the upcoming days will be called to vote who, in their eyes, is the better integrated with the others.
As always, it was not at all easy to identify what were the best jobs.


All the Ambassadors of Progress have shown that the mission of the competition was well understood, presenting very high content projects.
Another element characterizing the overall rating was the typical costume of the represented nation’s folklore.

In the afternoon the first practice sessions were held with the choreographers Matteo Giua and Rosaria Aprile.


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The bike ride between walls from ancient history

The visit organized by Astrolabio Slow Tour between the Messapian walls and the Plinian Fountain ended at Soloperto Cellars, with wine tasting, a rich buffet and a visit to the plant

MANDURIA – Another beautiful sunny day featured a visit to the Messapian walls of Manduria. Astrolabio Slow Tour, represented by Pasquale and Manuela, have provided the bikes with which the girls have been riding across the park.

The guides have caught everyone’s attention, especially within the spectacular Plinian Fountain, narrating the history and legends related to this important archaeological site.


The visit ended at the Cantine Soloperto where the “hosts” Sabrina and Ernesto offered a rich buffet of typical products. As always, the orecchiette have obtained a resounding success. All this was accompanied by the excellent wines produced by the company which is a longstanding partner of Miss Progress International.

In the afternoon everybody moved to the Nicotel Pineto in Castellaneta Marina, where the group will stay until the end of the event.

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A cruise between the two seas for the Ambassadors of Progress

A perfect day to break the ice: lots of sunshine for the morning cruise between the Ionian and the  Adriatic seas, a refreshing ice cream at Martinucci’s in the afternoon and everyone denacing to greet the summer.

LEUCA – Despite the weather forecast, this year the sun has illuminated the cruise between the two seas that the group of Miss Progress 2016 did on board the “Alexander” thanks to the collaboration of the Consorzio Mari d’Oriente. The mild temperature of the water has also allowed a swim in the crystal clear waters just off the “Three Doors” caves, which have enchanted these travelers from all over the world.

In the afternoon the group moved to Specchia, for a visit to one of the most beautiful old towns in Italy and a detour to the workshop of master pastry chefs Martinucci, letterally stormed to taste their delicious ice cream.

walking in Specchia

walking in Specchia

The contestants were presented one by one by Giuseppe Borrillo to the public of the gala dinner hosted by the Messapia Hotel to celebrate the farewell to summer, then went to the pool with an evening party that has definitely made it possible to break the ice between the members of the multi-ethnic group.

at Martinucci's

at Martinucci’s

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The Ambassadors of Progress 2016 are in Puglia

The participants at the fourth edition of Miss Progress International arrived at the Messapia Hotel of Santa Maria di Leuca. Everybody is ready to start discovering the most beautiful region in the world.

LEUCA – There are several flight connections to Brindisi from Rome and Milan, the Italian international hubs, and then it took the whole day to count, one by one, the guests of Miss Progress International 2016. The Astrolabio Slow Tour shuttle services brought safe the contestants and their companions at the Messapia Hotel & Resort of Leuca.
Some of them arrived earlier than others and they had the chance to enjoy some relax by the pool facing the sea. Other have preferred to have some rest sleeping after very long and tiring trips.
Giusy Nobile, presidente of the associazione culturale In Progress, and Giuseppe Borrillo, director of the competition, welcomed all of them telling about the itinerary of the upcoming days.

Giusy Nobile, presidente e Giuseppe Borrillo, direttore

Giusy Nobile, president, and Giuseppe Borrillo, pageant director, at the Messapia Hotel

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